Wording for Wedding Thank You Cards - What to Write

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Your wonderful wedding day is over and you've just returned home from a fantastic honeymoon to all the fabulous wedding gifts your friends and family so generously gave you. Now comes the time to thank all these people but what words can truly convey your appreciation and sincere gratitude? 

To help you we've compiled a list of questions which may help you choose the right words. We've also detailed some wedding thank you poems and verses which you may like to use as well as some real examples from our customers. 

Questions to ask?

1) Was your wedding a formal one? If so you might want to stay with the formal theme and write a more traditional wedding thank you note. Or perhaps you would like to send a card which reflects your personality and which truly reflects your wonderful day. If so, a personalised card with photos of your wedding day would perhaps be ideal.

2) You might also like to think about whether you want to send a generic card (which could be personalised) and then instead of writing a general thank you message to everyone, opt to include a separate note in each card so you can truly make the message personal. 

3) Do you want to just write a thank you note or do you want to express to your guests what it meant to have them there with you to share your special day. 

4) Is the thank you note specifically to thank guests for wedding gifts only or do you want to use additional words to show you true appreciation for their friendship, well wishes and support?

Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Words cannot express the happiness  that we felt on our Wedding Day and we thank you most sincerely for your kind gift, and thoughtful good wishes.

Thank you for helping us celebrate our first day together as Husband & Wife,
We feel very honoured to have so many wonderful friends & family and are 
genuinely touched by all the love, well wishes and generous gifts received. 
We thank you so much for your
kind wishes and thoughtful gift
and for adding to the lovely
memories of our special day.
We sincerely thank you for your
company, gift, and good wishes
and for helping to make this day
an occasion we will always remember
A loving note can barely express how you have added to our happiness. We would like to send our sincerest thanks for your thoughts, your prayers, your wonderful gifts & your presence in our lives.
This day we thank our family and friends,
For celebrating our joy,
Supporting us and sharing our love,
We sincerely Thank You
for being a part of our special day
And making our dream come true.
You brought joy to our day
Warmth to our lives and
Happiness to our hearts
Thanks for your thoughtful gift.

Thank you for joining us
as we began our new life together.
Your generosity and thoughtfulness
were very much appreciated.

We thank you so much for your
kind wishes and thoughtful gift
and for adding to the lovely
memories of our special day.
We would like to express our
sincere thanks for your much
appreciated gift and warm wishes
to us on the occasion of our wedding.

Wedding Poems

With rings exchanged and all vows said
You've witnessed us get truly wed
You've seen us bind our lives together
And start our journey to forever
We thank you for the love you've shared
For showing us how much you cared
For being with us on this day
You mean so much, in every way!
To love and to cherish
To have and to hold
The years will not perish
Our circles of gold
Now, dear friend(s) we thank you
For sharing our day
The memories we've all made 
Will never fade away.
With sincere appreciation,
we both send thanks to you
for your very lovely gift
and for your thoughtful wishes, too.
A loving note can barely say
all we felt that magic day.
A heartfelt thanks is sent to you
for your thoughtful gift and wishes, too.
One thank you for the gift,
and another for the thought.
A dozen thank yous couldn't tell you
all the happiness they brought.