Order Personalised Wedding Card Samples

If you would like to view a sample of your personalised wedding invitation or card before confirming your order please follow the steps below:

1) Personalise and create your chosen product(s) online and save them into your Shopping Cart and Register on the website.

2) Take a note of the item number(s) of your order in the Shopping Cart which will be a PM number and complete your delivery details.

3) Return to the samples page and click on the Personalised Sample button below - then just follow the steps and enter the item number(s) (the PM number) in the space provided and continue to checkout and pay for your sample(s).PLEASE NOTE ON THE SAMPLE TEMPLATE YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO VIEW YOUR ARTWORK. IT IS JUST A TEMPLATE TO ENTER YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER(S) SO WE CAN RETRIEVE THE ARTWORK FROM YOUR SHOPPING CART.

NB: Please note to only pay for the sample card(s) in your Shopping Cart make sure the check box is ticked next to this order and unticked for any other orders you have in your Shopping Cart.

You can order up to a maximum of 3 samples at any one time.

Price per Sample Card(s) - (includes delivery)

1 card = €5

2 cards = €10

3 cards = €15

NB: Please note if you place an order the sample card relating to the final order placed will be refunded. Once you have confirmed your order just email info@nowyouprintwedding.ie with your order number and we will refund the sample card payment.

To order personalised wedding card sample(s) click on the button below:

Personalised Wedding Card Sample 

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