How to Select Your Wedding Photograher

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Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event so you want to make sure you capture images from the day which are truly wonderful.

Having a top-notch photographer on hand, and one you feel at ease and comfortable with will undoubtedly get truly great shots.

There are many different styles of photography so it's important when choosing a photographer to ensure their preferences and mannerisms are in line with your own.

Having a quick chat with a photographer and viewing their portfolio should address any concerns you might have and confirm if you've made the right choice.



Here's our top 7 questions to ask a wedding photographer ...

What is your photography style?

Photographers may adopt different styles depending on the type of photo shoot they are undertaking so you want to be clear what type of style your photograher would adopt for a wedding. Will their shots be traditional or will they adopt a more creative flair which truly captures the essence of the day. Maybe you'd like a mix of the two. It's important to convey your ideas to the photographer and discuss these details before the wedding day so everyone is on the same page.

What's your typical schedule for a wedding day?

Photographers may have a fixed price for a wedding day shoot or they may charge by the hour so it's important to know this so you can make an informed decision as to what images you want captured. Do you want to capture all the wedding preparations beforehand such as getting ready with your bridesmaids or would you prefer images captured from the ceremony onwards. Do you want all the photographs to be done and dusted before the wedding reception commeces or would you like the photograher to be on hand here too. Talking through the schedule with a photographer will enable you to plan accordingly.

How is the post-wedding process handled?wedding album cover

Different photographers will undoubtedly have different timescales for this process so it's important you are aware and understand the process beforehand, otherwise this could lead to frustrations later on. Ask questions such as 'How long will it take to see the initial proofs?', How do we view the proofs - is a disk posted to us or can we view our album online? You also might want to know if there a minimum or maximum amount of photos allowed. Other things to think about is how you want your photos presented. Do you want a traditional album provided or another form of presentation.

Do you have a back up plan?

Ideally you hope everything runs smoothly and according to plan but photographers after all are only human so you need to ask about their back up plan should something unforeseen happen which prevents them being available on your wedding day. You hope you won't need to call on a Plan B but you should know if there is one, just in case.

Can I provide you with a list of shots I want?

The wedding day can often go by in such a whirlwind of excitement it's hard to keep your feet on the ground and remember every possible detail. If you want photos with certain individuals or groups of people, it's best to prepare a list and go through this with the photographer beforehand to ensure you don't miss capturing those photos which might include a long lost cousin! You might also want to ensure your photos include different angles i.e. maybe a picture from behind of you and your husband walking hand in hand or one taking from above of all your wedding guests.

Are you familiar with the wedding venue?

Chances are if you have selected a local wedding photographer they will be familiar with the wedding location and venue. However, if you've opted for a more non-traditional setting such as a beach location, harsh sun shining overhead may cause problems and sand as you know tends to get everywhere, including on the lens. If you've opted for a more usual setting just run this by your photographer and make sure they have experience in this area.

Are there any additional extras we need to be aware of?

wedding ringsPlanning a wedding can be expensive and so most couples/families choose to operate on a budget. it's important therefore the photographer outlines their costs to you before you proceed to hire them.

You want to make sure you understand what is included in their fee. Do they charge by the hour or have a fixed fee. This will be important to know should you decide on the day you'd like the photograher to stay a little longer.

Also, are they available for a rehearsal dinner and do they charge for meetings held before the wedding day to discuss what is required?

Asking these questions beforehand will help to ensure you stay within budget and prevent any hidden costs arising after the event.


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