Save the Date ... and Share - Send Personalised Cards to Guests

Send save the date cards to announce your date of marriage. Personalise cards online to send and notify family and friends of your up and coming wedding.

Save the date cards are easy to create and and the first item of stationery sent with regard to your wedding preparations. They usually contain location details and date of marriage so guests can receive advanced notice to enable them to make any necessary travel and accommodation arrangements. The cards are an ideal and thoughtful way to give your family and friends ample notice to keep the date free. This may be especially important if your wedding is planned during busy periods such as holiday times or over the summer. Whilst you carry on finalising the rest of your wedding plans it is great to know you have sent wedding save the date cards to guests so you can share this special day with loved ones.

Cards can be sent by couples anywhere from 3 months to 1 year ahead of time, maybe even two if the wedding day falls on a popular day, such as New Year's Eve. They should be sent to all your intended wedding guests, one per household. If this is perhaps not affordable you can opt to send save the date cards to those guests who are living overseas or further a field who will need to book accommodation and confirm their travel arrangements. Since you are only at the start of your wedding preparations it is always best to order a few more cards as extra guests may need to be added during the planning process.

Having only just confirmed a date it may be some time before you are ready to choose a colour scheme and theme for your wedding. Therefore you may wish to send save the date wedding cards which are traditional in style. We have a range of classic inspired designs for you to choose from. Our cards can be ordered individually and also as part of a complete personalised wedding stationery set. If you have viewed our designs and chosen a style and colour which matches your theme you can send cards in your chosen style and create the rest of your personalised wedding stationery at a later date to match.

Making your own save the date cards using our pre-designed templates is easy. Simply choose your design, personalise online and view an instant preview before confirming your order and your cards will be delivered to your door in just a few days, complete with envelopes.

As well as offering a range of beautiful cards we have also devised a list of save the date wording examples so you know what to write. The wording doesn't have to be particularly formal, as long as the card contains the bride and groom's names, the location where the marriage will take place and the date. Also, make sure all your recipients are on the final guest list as once the card is sent you cannot retract the invitation. Finally be sure your save the date invitations include the words 'formal invitation to follow' so guests know to expect another invite.