Partner Programme

We're looking to work with complimentary businesses who would like to offer our products or services to their customers and below are just a few ideas of how we can work in partnership:

Why Become a Partner?

  • If you're a business operating in a similar market we can look at providing a discount code for you to go online and use our products and services.
  • If you're looking for a service to direct your customers to there is an opportunity for you to direct them to our website to buy our products and generate extra income for your business at the same time by receiving a percentage of the sale.
  • Both options are quick and easy to set up and involve no costs. The only requirement is you operate a business in the relevant market sector.
  • You can trial any of the above options for a 3 month period for free and see if it works. If it works, great, we can look at discussing more ways we can work together in the future or just keep going as we are.


If you're interested in working with us and becoming a Partner, all you need to do is send an email to and provide the following information:

  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Tel:
  • Company Name / Website:
  • Location:
  • Brief Description of Company:
  • Interested Option: Discount Code or Revenue Share
We will review the information and contact you with further details regarding our Partner Programme.